How to Create Custom Post Types In WordPress

In this tutorial, we will create a plugin that adds two new post types to WordPress. Then we will create new layouts for both post types using templates. We will also enable the post editor’s Custom Fields feature for each post type, and display the fields in the new templates. […]

Cara menerbitkan Postingan Berita atau Artikel

Sekilas tentang WordPress, WordPress adalah sebuah aplikasi sumber terbuka (open source) yang sangat populer digunakan sebagai mesin blog (blog engine). WordPress dibangun dengan bahasa pemrograman PHP dan basis data (database) MySQL. PHP dan MySQL, keduanya merupakan perangkat lunak sumber terbuka (open source software). Selain sebagai blog, WordPress juga mulai digunakan sebagai […]

Obtaining the Paymill Access Token

1.) Create an account and login to 2.) Go to “Development > API Key” section 3.) Fill the Paymill API key in the provided area. 4.) You can check the paymill test card here.

Obtaining the Authorize Access Token

1.) Create an account and login to ( or for test environment ) 2.) Go to “Account > API Credentials & Keys” section 3.) Save the “API ID” for provided field, then, fill in the question to obtain new “Transaction Key” 4.) You can check the authorize test […]

Obtaining the Stripe Access Token

1.) Create an account and login to 2.) Select the API tab 3.) Fill the necessary information according to the environment you want to test ( LIVE or TEST mode ) 4.) You can check the stripe test card here

How the payment works – Travel Tour Themes

Online Payment Travel Tour comes with two types of online payment. 1. Paypal 2. Credit Card (Via Strip, Paymill, HiPay and After payment processed, the system will automatically reserve your seat and the invoice will be generated in customer backend. Both customer and admin can see the transaction as […]